We offer low dust, low-splinter abrasive blasting applying a modern Sponge-Jet technology. Our assets include a modern Sponge-Jet cleaning machine that has the capability to limit dusting during the cleaning of power unit elements, which makes the process harmonious with nature. The dust emitted during the removal of dirt from fouled surfaces is reduced to a minimum. Thanks to the application of the Sponge-Jet process we have become pioneers in the application of this innovative technique in the power sector.

The key element in the Sponge-Jet technique is the application of sponge abrasive material. Thanks to the application of Sponge-Jet as the basic cleaning material, the technique combines the softness and gentleness of sponge with the power of dirt removal. Using the Sponge-Jet cleaning machine, a certain surface profile (6-100 µm) is obtained which secures the right base for making further chemically resistant and anticorrosive protection systems, especially in places with limited access. Such a solution extends the durability of executed works, reducing the need for maintenance and servicing at a later stage.

The range of industrial flooring used in the power sector suitable for applying the Sponge-Jet cleaning technique:

  • fillet welds,
  • welds of bends of live steam and secondary steam piping,
  • tubular air preheaters,
  • panels and waterwall tubes underneath ceramic spray,
  • preparation of testing of pipeline and waterwall tube welds,
  • turbine and boiler fittings,
  • turbine rotor blades,
  • boiler bunkers,
  • chambers, fan blades.

The application of Sponge-Jet technology enables the use of a wide array of abrasive agents, and replaces: shot blasting, sand-blasting, blasting with corundum, as well as synthetic glass beading.

The application of Sponge-Jet technology improves working conditions and personnel safety, which plays a pivotal role for “ELTUR-SERWIS” Sp. z o.o. in maintaining the opinion of reliable and trustworthy partners.

Benefits of applying the Sponge-Jet technique by “ELTUR-SERWIS” sp. z o.o.:

  • machine is mobile, which allows the performance of cleaning works at the destination site, with no need to dismantle and carry elements that need to be cleaned,
  • We perform cleaning on our own; we do not subcontract the services of any other service provider when preparing elements for further regeneration works. Until recently it was necessary to hire a subcontractor. This new service limits the costs of transport and service,
  • for cleaning, specialist abrasive material is used, which is adapted to the type of surface cleaned,
  • the abrasive material is recoverable; after cleaning it can be reused,
  • thanks to the application of sharp edge abrasive material during cleaning, we remove dirt without any losses, such as damage or base deformation,
  • thanks to the application of dust-free technology, it is possible to carry out various works at the same level in a conflict-free manner, which reduces the total time of project execution. For instance, cleaning with the application of Sponge-Jet technology may be used in parallel with welding works,
  • the myriad of surfaces that can be cleaned using Sponge-Jet equipment supports the better orchestration of works performed in various areas.

We offer repair works and maintenance of power equipment with the application of Sponge-Jet technology during the preparation of equipment for remanufacturing. Consequently, the services delivered by “ELTUR-SERWIS” Sp. z o.o. can be provided faster, are less expensive, and leave a longer lasting effect.