Our machine diagnostic and balancing services include:

  • vibrodiagnostic tests of the dynamic status of turbo-machines concerning the evaluation of the technical condition of drives, identification of damage to turbo-machines, evaluation of rolling bearing condition;
  • laser-assisted alignment of drive units,
  • balancing of shafts and rotors/impellers,
  • testing of electric motors supplied with direct current 0.4kV, and motors supplied with alternating current 0.4kV and 6kV.

The comprehensive services recognized by the Office for Technical Inspection (UDT) include:

  • non-destructive testing (NDT) of welded joints and metallurgical products, including: radiographic tests, ultrasonic tests, magnetic particle tests, liquid-penetrant tests, thermovisual and remote visual inspection (RVI).

destructive testing of permanent joints and metallurgical products includes: tensile testing, bend testing, impact testing, nick break testing and metal hardness testing using standardized methods and dynamic methods, as well as macroscopic testing.